Others just lend money... we lend ourselves!
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Serving California homeowners
since 1980!



When you work with Liberty Financial, you're working with professionals. We're industry veterans who know what consumers can go through in getting a home loan. We've built our business on taking the headaches and hassles out of home financing, since 1980.


We take care of the complicated stuff and simplify the home finance process for you. That’s our job, and we’re good at it. And it frees you up for the finer things in life.


You won’t get passed from rep to rep trying to get answers. You’ll work with home loan professionals who know the status of your loan, from start to finish. You’ll know just how much money you can borrow right from the start, and with our automated underwriting system you can get an answer in minutes.


Home | Client Services | Apply Online | Search | About Us

In California, Toll-Free: (888) 805-6267 or Direct: (949) 388-8880

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